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Shore Tours from Puerto San Martin in Paracas

Tours to the Inca ruins of Tambo Colorado from the port San Martin in Paracas


9:30 a.m. Our driver will be waiting for you in the unloading area of the Cruise in the port of San Martín, then you will be transferred to the ruins of Tambo Colorado. (The round trip lasts around three hours aproximadme)

During Approximately one hour journey to get to the ruins, you will see the Valley of Pisco, small towns, will also see the river of Pisco, to reach the archaeological center shall be a visit to a small museum of Tambo Colorado, where are archaeological remains of that time:
Then we will make a short walk to enter this archaeological site, we can see the main square where the offense is made to the sun god, then we will enter the rooms, the tower, the Inca bath, bath acllas.
Tambo Colorado was an Inca settlement, (1450 AD) located in the province of Pisco, on the right bank of the river Pisco Valley, The name given to the set due to the predominance of red in buildings.
It is one of the best preserved archaeological sites of Peru. Typically Tawantinsuyo, in its outline and architectural design, has the peculiarity of being built in adobe, as an example of the adaptation of architects and engineers to the new coastal Quechua environment began to conquer.

He was one of the most important centers established by the Incas on the coast. It is a set of buildings made of mud walls and bricks; among them are the best preserved ruins of Peru adobe.
After touring the ruins we'll board our mobility to return to the port of San Martin to the cruise.


Price: US$ 70



Pick up from the port of San Martin and transfer to Tambo Colorado
Tourist tickets
Transfer to the port San Martin


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