Nazca Lines Ballestas Islands Buggy and Sandboarding Full Day from Lima // Price US$ 389 per Person // Minimum 2 Persons

Nazca Lines Ballestas Islands Buggy and Sandboarding Full Day from Lima.

The Nazca Lines in Peru, these figures are considered the greatest ancient mystery in South America.
In the desert of Nazca exist gigantic figures that were created between 400 and 650 AD and many people think that these figures probably had a ritual or religious purpose.
To observe these mysterious figures it is necessary to fly over a small plane; The overflights we do it from the Ica airport to 1 hour of trip in private car from Paracas,
from the Nazca airport located 3 hoursof trip in private car from Paracas, or from the airport of Pisco to 20 minutes of trip in private mobility from Paracas.

Nazca Lines Ballestas Islands Buggy and Sandboarding Full Day from Lima.

Nazca Lines, Ballestas Islands Buggy and Sandboarding in Huacachina, in our excursion we will know the best of the South Coast of Peru, we will visit the Ballestas Islands in Paracas and then we will travel for an hour by private car until arriving to the Ica airport to fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines.
Also we will visit the Oasis Huacachina and we will realize a tour for the desert with Buggies & Sandboarding.


03:15 a.m – We will start our tour Nazca Lines with the pick up of our customers from you hotel in Lima by one of our representative and then you will be transferred to the bus station.

04:00 a.m – Departure from Lima to Paracas  by  Cruz del Sur
07.30 a.m – Upon arriving in Paracas our staff will be waiting for you with your names in a sign in the bus station, then you will be transferred to our agency to start the tours.

08:00 a.m. Excursion to the Ballestas Islands and Candelabro (2 hours tour in speed boat).

We will begin the ballestas islands tour navigating for the Paracas bay until you reach to the Candelabro, this is a design made on the side of a hill facing the sea and the unknown origin until today. At this point we will stop our boat and our local guide will comment on the various theories that have been woven around this drawing.

Then we will continue sailing offshore until we reach to the Ballestas Islands a paradise full of sea birds and seals sea. Among the birds, we can see groups of pelicans, zarcillos, gulls, Humboldt penguins and more. As for the sea lion, they may be seen by all resting on the shores of the islands or playing in the water. After we return to the port of Paracas

10:00 a.m Return of the tour.

10:15 am Private transfer from Paracas to Ica airport Nazca Lines and Huacachina Oasis.

In this tour Nazca Lines Peru flight we get aboard our private transportation and depart to the city of Ica (1 hour drive) to the airport of Ica, from here will make the flight to the Nazca Lines, lasting 1 hour 10 minutes, The type of aircraft used for tourist services are Grand Caravan aircraft of 12 seats, each with a window seat, so you can appreciate the figures correctly.

During this flight you will see perfect representations of large animals, such as birds, including a condor, a hummingbird, a pelican, a parrot among others. As for the other species, you will see a big monkey, a spider, a whale, a lizard, and a famous design known as the astronaut.

Besides the designs you can also find hundreds of lines that run throughout the desert and large geometric shapes that resemble huge runways.
After the flight we will go to Oasis of Huacachina where you can have lunch in front of the Laguna.

17:00 hrs. Adventure tour desert with Buggy and sandboarding.

In this tour we will drive across Ica’s desert in a 4×4 buggy vehicle and will make various stops along the way for pictures. The desert of Ica is the most beautiful in our country and, offers stunning landscapes, not only of sand dunes, but also of the Huacachina lagoon, from above.

There will be some points where you will have the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of one of most popular sports in Ica “Sandboarding”. Our driver will take you to the summit of some dunes, and from the very top you will be able to slide down. Before you start to sandboard our guide instructor will teach you specific techniques to ensure a safety ride.

There are actually plenty spots to sandboard around Huacachina Oasis with a wide variety of dunes suitable for the very beginners as well as for professional sand boarders. Keep in mind that on this tour you will not have to walk up the dunes to go for a second or a third ride, our driver will do all the lifting job for you. As you can see it will be very easy and cool.

The whole tour will take about 1 hour and a half, then a return to Huacachina Oasis.

18:20 hrs. Transfer to Ica bus station.
19:00 hrs. Bus from Ica to Lima.
23:45 hrs. Arrival to Lima / reception in the bus station and transfer to the hotel.

End of services.


Pick up from the Hotel in Lima and transfer to the bus station.
  Bus Tickets from Lima to Paracas by cruz del sur or similar.
  Ballestas Islands tour & Candelabro.
  Guide in English.
Paracas to Ica  in Private car.
Nazca Lines flight from Ica airport.
 Visit to the Oasis of Huacachina.
 Tour in the desert with Buggy and sandboarding.
Tourist Entrance fees.
 Permanent  assistance.
 Bus Tickets  from Ica to Lima  by cruz del sur or similar.
Transfer in Lima from the bus station to the hotel.

No Included:

✘ Airport tax US$ 10 per person
✘ Meal.

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