Nazca Lines Overflight Ballestas Islands Huacachina Full Day From Lima // Price US$ 339 Per Person // Minimum 2 people

Full Day from Lima Ballestas Islands Nazca Lines Overflight and Huacachina 

Nazca Lines Overflight

The Nazca Lines was an ancient civilization and was known as the Nazca culture, these figures are considered the greatest ancient mystery in South America.

In the desert of Nazca we can observe gigantic figures that were drawn in the sand. These figures were created between 400 and 650 AD and many people think that these figures probably had a ritual or religious purpose.

To observe these mysterious figures it is necessary to fly over the nazca lines a small plane; The overflights we do it from the Nazca airport located 3 hours away by private car from Paracas, from the Ica airport to 1 hour away by private car from Paracas or from the airport of Pisco to 20 minutes of trip in private mobility from Paracas. Read More