Taxi Tour Full Day Paracas from Lima // Price US$ 229 Per Person // Minimum 2 people

Taxi Tour Company Full Day Paracas from Lima.

Taxi Tour service Full Day Paracas from Lima is a good alternative for those who want to take a travel combining in the sea of Paracas and its marine fauna, the coastal desert of the paracas reserve with beautiful landscapes and the California desert in Paracas.

Paracas Chaco is located 250 km south of Lima, Paracas is a small and very quiet town, in Paracas town you can enjoy the beaches of the Paracas National Reserve, this is a protected area and you can observe the most representative animals of the ecosystem Marine coastal, the Ballestas Islands and the impressive marine fauna that exists in it.

The California and its stunning dunes is located 20 minutes east of Paracas, this is an ideal place for the adventure tour with buggy and sandboarding.


06:20 a.m. We will start our Taxi tour full day from Lima with the pick up of our customers from your hotel in Lima and then transfer them to Paracas.

09:40 a.m. When you arrive in Paracas you will be transferred to the tourist pier to do the Ballestas Island tour and Candelabro.

Ballestas Islands Tour from Paracas.

10:10 a.m. At the Indicated time we will start from the port of Chaco Paracas the ballestas islands tour, we will board a speedboat and we will sail through the bay of Paracas until you reach the Candelabro, here our guide will explain the different theories out there about this figure enigmatic, after fifteen minutes of travel around the Ballestas Islands where we will see rock formations and a variety of marine species, sea lions, Humboldt penguins, chuitas, guanays, pelicans, oystercatchers tendrils, thousands of sea birds, then arrive Maternity of sea lion and return to port.

Paracas National Reserve by Taxi Tour.

12:30 hrs. We will board our private taxi and we will start the tour, during this trip we visit Interpretation Center of Paracas Reserve which have very interesting pictures and interactive videos and all the history as important data of this protected area.
Then we will continue by the peninsula of Paracas gazing the colorful desert redness, yellow, we will observe the rock formations made by the erosion of the wind and the sea, also we will know beaches like Yumake beach, Red beach and Lagunillas beach. In this last beach we do a stop, with enough time to for you to do a walk around, go for lunch in a restaurant in front of the beach.
Then at the indicated time we will return to Paracas.

Adventure Tour with Buggy and Sandboarding in the Paracas Dunes.

16:00 hrs. We will start the adventure tour with our buggy leaving from Paracas to the California desert for about 20 minutes of travel,
when you arrive in the desert you will be able to observe the great dunes and our buggy will go up and down the dunes again and again doing pirouettes, you will feel the thrill of adrenaline aboard our buggy. In this desert there are many types of dunes for amateurs and for professionals as well,  the driver guide will show you the perfect way and will give you tips to have a good experience and avoid any incident, we will also make some stops for you to take the best photos.
Finally we return to Paracas.

18:30 hrs Transfer to bus station in Paracas.
19:10 Departure from Paracas to Lima by Cruz del Sur. Vip Service.
22:45 Arrive to Lima / reception service and transfer to hotel.


✔ Taxi from Lima to Paracas.
✔ Ballestas Islands Tour.
✔ English guide
✔ Paracas National Reserve by Private Taxi
✔ Adventure Tour with Buggy & Sandbaording in California Desert
✔ All Tourist Entrance Fee.
✔ Bus tickets from Paracas to Lima by Cruz del Sur. Vip Service.
✔ Transfer from Bus Terminal to your hotel in Lima.

Not Included:

✘ Meals.


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